Hospital Management Software

Hospital Management Software

Our HMS integrates every aspect of hospital including administration, billing, finance, HR and many others. Efficient hospital management software takes care of every practical aspects of healthcare centre so that they can focus on advanced patient care. It stores data in a quick, easy and convenient way and retrieves and produces it in seconds whenever needed. Financial analysis, profit / loss reports, budgets monitoring and analytical reports produced by HMS proves highly beneficial in taking correct business decisions.

Benefits of using HMS

  • Reduces the dependency
  • Gives a centralized view
  • Streamlines operations and enhances efficiency
  • Provides a interface to store, retrieve data fast
  • Augment data security

Features of HMS

Patient management
This enables the hospitals/clinics to keep records of in- patients, out- patients and the number of beds available. Appointment scheduling, consultation and diagnosis can be maintained accurately.

Doctor records
All the diagnosis reports and records can be shared by different doctors so they can determine their course of treatment if they are working on the same case.

Various aspects of administrative management get covered in this module of HMS. Payroll system, blood bank inventory and accounts system are also managed in this module. All these operations can be carried out with ease with our automated system.

Secured data backup
This helps in maintaining electronic medical records as patient data details are considered to be confidential. It can be accessed by only authorized users who have login credentials, so there is no chance of breach.

Better revenue management
This module offers quick and accurate transactional and managerial reports to give a clear view of how business is doing.

Hospital Management Software

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