Cyber Forensics
Cyber Forensics

Cyber Security Infotech Pvt Ltd helps organizations, individuals, attorneys deal with the issues of Internet Defamation, attacks of brand & reputation copyright infringement as well as trademark violations.

We Follow A Three Step Approach For Achieving Success In Cyber Investigations:

  • Identification: We have a set of proprietary activities that we perform in order to uncover the individuals/firms/organizations etc. who are intentionally hiding their identities. This may include individuals defaming a company, organizations making false claims for any products/services, anonymous hackers and stalkers.
  • Stopping: When you face an internet issues that simply needs to be stopped, then don’t immediately assume you will have to employ full blown legal tactics to obtain resolution. CSI excels in getting many of these issues stopped by using proprietary techniques. Many issues on the internet can be resolved before they turn into a expensive problem.
  • Enforcement: Many of our clients face internet issues that far exceed simply identifying or stopping illegal activities. In these cases, they need enforcement of laws from either a criminal or civil side. We offer a list of services that can help clients and/or their attorneys deal with these complex problems.

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