Enterprises Resource Planning

Enterprises Resource Planning

Enterprise resource planning software integrates multiple facets of an operation such as product planning, development, manufacturing, packaging, sales and marketing into a single database. ERP can be integrated in itself or can be customized according to specific needs. ERP software improves efficiency, promote collaboration, make accurate forecasts, low operational costs, increase data security and comply with regulatory standards. It comprises of various processes :

Customer Relationship Management
This module helps in managing invoice activities and auditing the status of contracts. It helps bringing the data together and enables sales and marketing people focus on customer needs, buying preferences and patterns.

Human Resource Management
Reporting and analysis tools enable insights into all major HR processes. It being cloud based HR managers have remote access to important employee information and all HR procedures.

Sales and Marketing
It helps in keeping a track on activities right from pre sales till the order is placed and dispatched to that particular customer.

Finance Management
This module helps in maintaining a specific, timely and clear financial reporting. A strong finance management ERP system enables company meet the financial reporting and tax requirements by having a single accounting, banking and payment system. It helps improving cash flow, lower the operational costs and increase the margin of profits.

It is one of the most important aspects of an ERP system, further it helps in cost reductions, provides detailed reports on business inventory, plan the production process and stimulate the production cycles.

It helps in managing your retail locations and your warehouses. ERP system with inventory module helps you to avoid mistakes and take quick decisions. It helps in calculating surpluses, rejections, repairs and other important planning parameters for the entire inventory.

It automates the estimate need of goods and automatically issues the purchase orders. This module traces the purchase process starting from supplies needed, various stages of supply orders, tax documents, managing the receiving of goods and finally linking them to other modules.

Supply Chain Management
In this highly competitive marketplace, it becomes mandatory for businesses to keep a track on all supply chain processes like design, planning, and procurement of materials, manufacturing and fulfillment.

Enterprises Resource Planning

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