Ubuntu Linux is the Most Popular Operating System in Cloud

Ubuntu Linux is the Most Popular Operating System in Cloud

AWS (Amazon net Services) dominates the general public cloud with fifty seven p.c share, and therefore the software system that is preferred on Amazon Cloud is none aside from Ubuntu UNIX. Browse additional to urge higher insights relating to the foremost well-liked software system in cloud and alternative knowledge.

It’s a widely known incontrovertible fact that Windows OS continues to rule the desktops all round the world and Microsoft is basking within the success of Windows ten. But, the days area unit ever-changing and therefore the importance of cloud computing is increasing at Associate in Nursing exponential pace. As, I’ve mentioned again and again within the past, the long run of computing lies within the cloud and mobile- therefore these days we have a tendency to area unit aiming to raise you an easy question: that is that the preferred software system in cloud?

Well, the short and easy answer is….Ubuntu UNIX. Yes, in keeping with the newest report of The Cloud Market‘s latest report of software system on Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2), Ubuntu UNIX has a hundred thirty five,000 instances and it’s the foremost well-liked software system in cloud. Also, Ubuntu is quite double as well-liked as all the opposite operative systems combined.

See the graph below:

On Amazon Cloud, the second place belongs to Amazon’s terribly own Amazon UNIX Amazon Machine Image (AMI) with fifty 4,000 instances. The third place belongs to Windows with variety of seventeen,600- followed by CentOS with eight,500 and Red Hat Enterprise UNIX (RHEL) with five,600 instances.

It ought to be noted that with fifty seven p.c share, Amazon net Services (AWS) dominate the general public cloud market. This is often followed by Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) with twelve p.c share. So, being the leading OS at AWS, Ubuntu UNIX is beyond question the foremost well-liked software system in cloud.

A similar trend is additionally determined within the latest Open Stack survey. Here, yet again Ubuntu UNIX dominates the Open Stack clouds. Regarding fifty three p.c of the entire Open Stack clouds area unit hopped-up by Ubuntu, followed by CentOS with twenty nine p.c.

Ubuntu is one in all the foremost well-liked desktop open supply operative systems; however Ubuntu dominates the cloud too. That software system does one use, Windows, Linux, or OS X? Tell United States of America within the comments below.

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